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This destination is serviced by: British Airways/Qantas, Thai

Sights *****
Nightlife ***
Food *****
Value for money *****
Overall ****

Bangkok is an incredibly intense city; at turns surprising (it is a very beautiful city), shocking (the legendary Pat Pong district is as sleazy as you'd expect) and sometimes downright infuriating (the traffic snarls, and so do the tuk tuks).

There are two ways to 'do' Bangkok. Go luxury - book into the Oriental and allow yourself to be pampered. Or go the time honoured travellers route of staying on the Khao San Road - much more interesting than you'd expect.

The Thai people are a gracious and welcoming people, and they really know how look after their guests. Their smile is infectious, and mostly genuine.

Check this website out for a comprehensive guide to the city of Bangkok.

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